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Thank you, Ian! I appreciate the glimpse into the background of what is or has become Hull Breach. I just learned of Mothership and was sucked into the airlock. As the end neared on Mothership I started seeing Haul Beach and didn't understand why another KS would be launching for Mothership as one just ended; why not include it in the Mothership KS. Well, now I know and I'm looking forward to Haul Breach. All of it will be like drinking from a fire hose with so much information but I'll get through it. I am chopping at the bit to play Mothership right now and I've been going through the Work in Progress file they just sent out, which I'm thankful for otherwise I'd be in bad shape having to wait till the end of 2022 to get the goods!

I'm looking forward to the newsletter and the launch on Jan 4.....

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